About Southborough Open Land Foundation


SOLF, owner and manager of Beals Preserve and 13 other properties in Southborough,  works to preserve, protect, conserve, and enhance the natural resources in the Town of Southborough, Massachusetts in order to maintain and improve the quality of life for the benefit of present and future generations of its residents and visitors.

To accomplish many of its goals, SOLF collaborates with public agencies and other private organizations. SOLF strives to provide an awareness of the importance of resource conservation in Southborough and adjoining towns, and is the voice of, and catalyst for, permanent land protection.

SOLF is the principal source of information on private voluntary land protection for landowners, local officials, and the general public. SOLF accomplishes its goals with an active board of directors and other volunteers, supported by annual donations and a permanent endowment.

Learn more at SOLF.org.