Call For Poetry

Beginning in June,  join us for a walk through Beals Preserve, where you will find art installations from local and regional artists with the theme Rising Up. Experience the art and then respond to it in a poem. The top 25 poems submitted will be published in the third edition of Art on The Trails, due out in September 2020.

How it works:

  • Visit Beals Preserve, see the installations, and be inspired by their work.
  • Free guided walks will be offered through the month of July.  
  • Write ekphrastic poetry, which is written specifically about or inspired by the installations in this exhibition.
  • Poetry Submissions will be accepted from June 7 through August 9, 2020.

The top 25 poems will be sent to our final judge, Tianli Kilpatrick, editor at the Worcester Review. She will choose one poem for a first prize.

Tianli KilpatrickAbout our poetry juror:

Tianli Kilpatrick holds a Master’s in creative nonfiction from Northern Michigan University and a Bachelor’s in creative writing from Allegheny College. She is an Asian-American writer covering topics that range from adoption to jellyfish to trauma theory. Her work has appeared in Fugue, TIMBER, The Portland Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, DIAGRAM, and others. She works as an editor for the Worcester Review, a publication of the Worcester County Poetry Association. When she’s not writing, she’s riding horses or boxing. She lives in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.