Call for Art

Call for Art

The Call for Art for the 2022 Art on the Trails outdoor exhibition opens on March 4th. The exhibition will be installed in the Beals Preserve, Southborough, Massachusetts on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12 and will remain in the Preserve until September 11, 2022.  The juror is sculptor Anne Alexander.

2022 Theme: Exposure

Merriam Webster dictionary lists the following definition for the work EXPOSURE:1the fact or condition of being exposed: such as

  • the condition of being presented to view or made known
  • the condition of being unprotected especially from severe weather
  • the condition of being subject to some effect or influence such as risk exposure to the flu
  • the condition of being at risk of financial loss 

2: the act or an instance of exposing: such as

  • disclosure of something secret
  • the treating of sensitized material (such as film) to controlled amounts of radiant energy

3:     a:the manner of being exposed

  • bthe position (as of a house) with respect to weather influences or compass points

4a piece or section of sensitized material (such as film) on which an exposure is or can be made

We invite artists to consider how their work responds to any of these ideas of EXPOSURE. Submissions are invited beginning on Friday, March 4. Deadline for submissions is Friday, April 15.

Guidelines for Submissions

Please consider the following guidelines before submitting a proposal:

  • Artists may submit existing work or a proposal for site-specific work.
  • There are no buildings, walls, or electrical outlets in the Preserve. All work must be installed in the natural environment.
  • Multiple entries are welcome and encouraged.
  • You may identify a location for your work if you chose. The final siting of the work is at the discretion of the juror. View a map of Beals Preserve.
  • Tours of the preserve are available upon request.
  • Please indicate if work requires support or suspension in the landscape and your proposed method for achieving this. You may bring in structures or use trees as supports for your installation, as long as it does not harm them in any way. For instance, strapping around trunks or ropes around branches are acceptable. Nails into trees are not acceptable.
  • All work will be considered based on quality of materials and ability to implement proposed work.
  • This is a Leave No Trace exhibit; from installation to dismantling, nature must be left intact and all materials brought to the site must be removed at the end of the show. No exceptions.
  • We actively promote works for sale if applicable. Should your work be sold, the artist agrees to donate 25% to Southborough Open Land Foundation.
  • By submitting a proposal, artists acknowledge Southborough Open Land Foundation assumes no liability for artwork on the property during the exhibition.
  • The selected artists will be notified by May 1, 2022 via email.
  • All accepted artists will receive a $100 stipend for participating.
  • Please contact Catherine Weber, if you have questions.