After the Rain: An Update on Art on the Trails

This week, we hit the 2/3 mark for this year’s exhibition. Today was also a lull in the series of rain storms that put a damper on the summer sun. As always after a storm, I head over to the Preserve to see what has happened. 

I am happy to report that, while there are channels on the trails created by rushing water, all of the installations are in fine condition. While birds have made their mark on some of the signs and there is some overgrowth inside the labyrinth, the installations are holding up exactly as we hoped.

Throughout the summer, I received emails from participating artists inquiring about their work. Like parents asking for their 10 year old at the neighbors, they just want to make sure it’s ok. Of course, these pieces aren’t all built to last forever, but they are designed to be there all summer, and these professional artists have experience creating outdoor installations. 

I was happy to see the work tonight at near dusk. Every time of day holds its own wonders, especially when it comes to the light. Tonight I captured Linda Hoffman’s bronze Arms Open with a gorgeous purple background in the meadow. It was breathtaking.

Do come down to see Unexpected Gestures this summer and enjoy a few moments of solitude in the woods.  Also, mark your calendar for the closing event and poetry reading on Sunday, September 23rd from 4-6 pm.

See you on the trail. Catherine

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