Art That Speaks: Rising Up Art Draws Crowds

As we reach the mid-point in the summer, and endure the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Art on the Trails has been a popular destination. In a time when most galleries are closed, an outdoor show is the closest many people can get to art this summer. We have seen record visitors, and now, poets are out visiting and writing work in response to the art.

This slide show provides a glimpse into the show.

My Garden

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Cecelia Lamancusa | My Garden | Acrylic Painted Stoneware | Inquires, please contact | Mushrooms love to grow near dead things as decomposers normally do. This can range from large dead tree stumps to merely fallen petals. In a way, they use something that is now bad or negative as a means of nutrients and put it to better use for other creatures in that environment. They remind us that even while we deal with negative thoughts and a reality that lately portrays itself as deadly and frightening, we have the ability to change what is negative into something positive with the help of many and not one. Even if it seems as small as these mushrooms, that power and strength is still present.

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