Art Installations Scheduled for June 10 for Art on the Trails: Transformation 

The Southborough Open Land Foundation invites the general public to visit Beals Preserve to watch artists install their work for the 7th annual Art on the Trails on June 10 from 10 am to 5 pm.  This year’s theme is Transformation  The exhibition will take place again this year at the Elaine and Philip Beals Preserve in Southborough, Massachusetts.  

A juried exhibition of sculptural installations will be on view beginning June 10th and closing on September 17th. The exhibition is juried by Sculptor Sarah Alexander, Creative Director, Hopkinton Center for the Arts.

Lollipops, Epoxy Resin, organic materials, metal, wood, Bridie Wolejko

Sixteen projects will be exhibited from 21 artists. Artists participating are Lisa Barthelson (Rutland, MA), Ted Castro (Acton, MA) , Marie Despres (Grafton, MA), Holly Ewald (Providence, Rhode Island), Maxwell Fertik (Providence, Rhode Island), Gints Grinbergs (Dedham, MA), Matthew Haberstron (Medford, MA), Meagan Hepp (Brighton, MA), Linda Hoffman (Harvard, MA), Alexandra Ionescu (Providence, Rhode Island), Denise Johnson and the students of Margaret Neary Elementary School (Southborough, MA), Jon Laustsen (Providence, Rhode Island), August Lehrecke (Providence, Rhode Island), Hope Leeson (South Kington, Rhode Island), Madeleine Lord (Dudley, MA), Gena Mavuli (Boston, MA), Margot McMahon (Oak Park, Illinois), Matthew P. Muller (Providence, Rhode Island), Hildreth Potts (Garrison, NY), Bridie Wolejko (Lunenburg, MA), and Melanie Zibit (Shirley, MA).

Art Juror Sarah Alexander said of the selection process, “It is always a challenge to select from many excellent submissions. I am confident that the work, while diverse in material and subject, will present a cohesive show along the trails of the Preserve. I look forward to seeing it installed!”

Representative of Southborough Open Land Foundation (SOLF) said, “The Southborough Open Land Foundation is pleased that the Elaine and Philip Beals Preserve serves as the beautiful backdrop for the 7th Annual Art on the Trails. It is fascinating to see the intersection of art and nature as various aspects of the preserve serve as inspiration for the artists’ creations.”

Empathy, Welded found steel, 72” high, 40” wide, Madeleine Lord

In addition to the installations, the program will include poetry written in response to the work and will be juried by poet Maura Snell. A prize winning poem will be selected from submissions by Scituate poet Joanne DeSimone Reynolds .

Learn more about this event at or by contacting Catherine Weber at or 508-523-3605.

Our Partners

We are honored to have the generous support from the following organizations: 

Southborough Open Land Foundation

The Southborough Open Land Foundation (SOLF) is a private land trust founded in 1988. The all-volunteer organization with over 300 local members and a board of 14 trustees, reserves and protects open space in Southborough, Massachusetts. SOLF manages 183 acres of open space as well as sponsoring a variety of nature-based recreational and educational activities in cooperation with the Southborough Gardeners, Arts Center at Southborough, Southborough Extended Day, Boy and Girl Scouts, Southborough Recreation, and other organizations including walks, plant lectures, trail maintenance, field trips for school children, snowshoe clinics, art shows, and Earth Day clean-ups. SOLF also collaborates with the Town of Southborough, other land trusts, and state and federal agencies to conserve open space and promote biodiversity. Visit their website at

Southborough Community Fund

The Southborough Community Fund (SCF) promotes a spirit of philanthropic giving to fund the critical needs and the wonderful wants of Southborough citizens. Established in 2014 by local residents as a fund of the Foundation for MetroWest, the SCF is a source of financial support, as well as a convening mechanism to foster innovation and collaboration across the townspeople and the organizations designed to benefit them. By providing opportunities in the areas of Family Support, Arts, Culture, and Environment, the Fund enables residents to make an immediate impact in their community. Visit their website at

Additional funding comes from Ginny Martins & Associates and Fay School.

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