Gallery of Artwork for 2024 Art on the Trails

On June 15th, 13 works of art were installed at Beals Preserve as part of the 8th Annual Art on the Trails exhibition. Works came from as far away as Montreal and northern New Hampshire and as local, and Southborough. Many of these works are for sale. Please contact Catherine Weber at with inquiries.

Thank you to Chelsea Bradway for the beautiful photography.

Ancestral Meanderings

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Nilou Moochhala 15” x 15 printed fabric squares Not For Sale My connection to the Beals Preserve was through my friend, Whitney Beals, who showed me the power of belonging; of love of land & constancy; of honoring the past; of forgiveness. I would therefore like to commemorate this space with my own legacy: for those family members who were global wanderers in search of adventure to those who stayed rooted to my city of birth, Bombay/Mumbai. These ‘prayer flags’ celebrate this inter-generational influence through images, words, color, and objects – that come together today to honor our ancestors, our history, and our community.

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