Art on the Trails Opening Well Attended

Despite weeks of rain, we went ahead and had the opening for this year’s exhibition on Thursday, June 20th. More than 80 people attended and walked with us through the woods to hear artists share insight into their work.

Opening Remarks by Catherine Weber, Whitney Beals, Deborah Costine and Cynthia Franca.

We were excited to award two first prizes to Patrick Steele for Rainbow Wall and to Marie Craig for Natural Consequences. The juror, Shana Dumont-Garr said of Steele’s piece,”I think this artist succeeded in making a stunning statement in terms of color, scale, texture, and movement. It conceptually answers to the theme of Marking Territory by being a wall that is so bright, responsive, and open to those passing through, that it not only answers the concept, but offers hope for how territory can be a force of inspiration and embracing. It is especially touching that its unveiling coincides with Pride Week.”

Marie Craig, Natural Consequences

About Marie Craig’s piece, Garr stated, “I found to be visually stunning and an exciting way to exhibit in an outdoor space in an impactful way. The panes of blue seem to bring parts of the sky down to the greenery below, and the photographic impressions are like drawings whose details are refreshingly both organic and more structured. I love how the ferns frame the imagery – it was a very good choice for how the landscape frames the art.”

Drops by Anne Alexander

Honorable mentions were given to Mike Greenberg’s installation Who Are? for the way a complex concept was executed with very careful respect for the surrounding nature and to Anne Alexander for Drops, for the elegant and understated way she counterbalanced the carvings with the shape of the fallen tree.

Southborough Photographer Chelsea Bradway took great pictures of the event and shared them with Beth Melo of The related story is here.

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