Art That Speaks: Rising Up Art Draws Crowds

As we reach the mid-point in the summer, and endure the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Art on the Trails has been a popular destination. In a time when most galleries are closed, an outdoor show is the closest many people can get to art this summer. We have seen record visitors, and now, poets are out visiting and writing work in response to the art.

This slide show provides a glimpse into the show.


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Christine Rowley | Progress | Wood, Glass, Tin Lead Solder | Sold | Proceeds will be donated to the NAACP Boston Branch. | “Progress” aims to convey a sense of solidarity among our communities during this time as well as a sense of hope for what the future holds. Within the shared perspective of those “sheltering in place,” there remains hope for what lies on the horizon. Each pane has been broken to be soldered back together. While we may feel as though we have been left fragmented and isolated, our dependence on each other has enabled us to see both our interconnectedness as well as our ability to rise up as one.

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